Trace Cyrus Defends His Comments On OnlyFans After Backlash Online

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Trace Cyrus is firing back at his critics after he posted a lengthy message regarding his distaste for OnlyFans, and the women who work on the platform. The Metro Station backing vocalist and guitarist claimed that the women who work as creators on the app are “not marriage material” in the initial message.

Now, the singer-guitarist is claiming that he felt his message was “common sense” and that “everybody knew this.” He referred to the women workers on the platform as “vile” and “disgusting.” OnlyFans was created first as a platform for celebrities and digital creators to offer paid subscription-only content, but a loophole in their guidelines has paved the way for it to rapidly become an adult entertainment hotspot.

Social Media Reactions

Many were shocked at Cyrus’ seemingly random strong reaction to OnlyFans. The musician’s sister is acclaimed singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus, who has long served as a beacon of feminism in the entertainment industry. Cyrus is known for her accepting nature, and her brother’s allegedly misogynistic comments came as a shock to many.

Others felt that he simply wanted attention.


Elsewhere, a viral video of Trace Cyrus receiving a lap dance to the tune of his band’s hit song “Shake It” has circulated on X. The video has many calling out the musician for his alleged hypocrisy.

The Background

Cyrus is the oldest half brother to singers Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus, who are all the children of country star Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus. Trace Cyrus’ father is drummer Baxter Heal Nelson, but he was legally adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus upon his marriage to Tish Cyrus.

The first message detailed that the guitarist was never going to “wife” an “OnlyFans girl” because men “only value them for sex.” Cyrus follows several creators from the platform on Instagram and other platforms. The reason for the the first post remains unclear.

Fans of Miley and Noah Cyrus were quick to slam the message, with many claiming that it felt misogynistic in nature.




Others claimed that Cyrus must have posted it as an attention grab. Several of the singer-guitarist’s family members are acclaimed singer-songwriters in their own right, and Trace is arguably the least famous in the public eye.

Elsewhere, some felt that Cyrus’ post was hypocritical, as the musician has two ex-fianceés, actress Brenda Song and Taylor Lauren Sanders. Some felt that this meant he was not in a place to judge others for “not being marriage material.”


None of Trace Cyrus’ family members have commented on the OnlyFans message at this time. Miley Cyrus continues to share new details of her life and career journey in her TikTok series made to accompany her recent single “Used To Be Young”, and has not yet addressed her relationship with her brother.

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