Training Teachers on Educational Technology in 2023, The Trends

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The education field is ever-changing and evolving!

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there appeared to be a significant upward in educational technology from adopting online learning to completing assignments and even taking exams online.

As we move forward with this transition, many teachers have needed help adapting to these relatively modern educational methods.

There are several advantages of using technology in the classroom, raising the importance of teachers training in educational technology.

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 emerging technology training for teachers to enhance the learning and teaching process!

What is Educational Technology, and Why Is It Important? 

EdTech, referred to as educational technology, is believed to be the future of education.

Education has rapidly advanced, with more resources introduced that could be life-changing.


Research shows that studies can be done effectively with educational technology in the classroom, showcasing the improved potential.

Edtech training helps make learning accessible and engaging for everyone.

Further, it has helped students get personalized learning in various subject areas.

There have been various areas of improvement through educational technology, from learning and collaborating to understanding the concept better. Research paper writing service admit to students being creative and all out with the help of educational technology.

Therefore, teachers must get trained in educational technology to keep up with the learning ideas and enhance their teaching process.

Top Educational Trends for Teachers (Technological Training)

A dramatic change in the learning model has made the learning process different for teachers and students. Technology has brought various changes in the way education is delivered and received.


From self-learning to personalized learning, we have seen technology considerably impact teaching.

With numerous changes in the pace, here are top trends in teachers and technology for training teachers to keep up with the trend and enhance the learning process.

Let’s look at the top 7 as suggested by the Outlookindia writing guide:

Collaborative Learning

Educational technology has enabled everyone to stay connected and enhance their learning.

It allows teachers and students to collaboratively connect, discuss, and enact various theories and subject matters.

The collaborative approach has gained importance in the learning process by teachers assigning group activities and tasks.

The training for collaborative learning is quite simple and straightforward. A teacher, instead of speaking for 30 minutes or 45 minutes of lecture straight, allows students to interact, collaborate, and come up with various unique approaches.

Outside Learning

The classroom is one of many places to learn! Educational technology has been introduced to the digital world, where learning can be done through various devices.

There are M-Learning and eLearning growing in popularity. It allows students to learn at their own pace.

Teachers can integrate technology content for their students to keep up with the learning process at their convenience.

Internet accessibility is no longer an issue that ensures that students can learn, and teachers are also quite involved in outside learning, giving students time to adapt to the course content and use e-learning.

Interactivity in Classroom 

Classroom technology has made teachers conclude that learning can be lively and interactive. With the training provided, they encourage eBooks, videos, augmented reality, virtual reality, and many other technologies in the classroom.

The newly used flipped classroom model allows students to learn at home and the practical in the classroom. Teachers can assist and guide their students with their assignments and projects in the class.

Learning With Virtual Reality

Just as we discussed earlier, with the introduction of Virtual reality into the educational system, teachers have adopted immersive teaching methods.

Instead of using images, teachers can show students an enhanced version of the image and object through projects and mobile devices.

VR in education technology is also a game changer to help students learn what they see. It helps educators with interactive and engaging tools for classroom learning.

AR and VR technologies allow students to immerse themselves in whichever subject they’re learning.

VR makes it possible for students to see all the elements. It keeps students excited and engaged with all subjects.


Educational technology has entirely gained the opportunity surrounding the engagement of the students. With gamification, like leaderboards, reward points, badges, stickers, etc., it guarantees increased student participation and engagement.

Teachers have enabled them to make students actively involved in the classroom and allow them to learn and practice, contributing to the overall learning process.

Gamification is a way to keep students engaged.

Several programs are being introduced that make learning fun. Programs like Duolingo Kahoot! have been gaining popularity due to their gamification approach.

These educational versions are fun and allow students to participate in exciting on-hand games and activities.

Teachers must consider that gamification is a route only for specific subjects.

By harnessing the power of gamification, there are increases in engagement and understanding of critical skills.

AI Programs

Popular programs like ChatGPT and Google Bard have been a hot discussion, with many conversations surrounding the concern of students using these AI programs.

While this concern is valid, AI programs have helped educators and learners take advantage of collecting all the information in one place.

Using AI technology like ChatGPT, teachers can prioritize their time with students, take much-needed time, and accomplish tasks like building lesson plans, writing emails, tests, and grading, and creating rubrics.

AI can help teachers sort all their necessary tasks in place.

Online Data and Cybersecurity

Educational technology raises concerns about data security.

Cyber threats are a cause of worry for educational institutions.

There’s a threat that student information like name, email address, date of birth, and phone number could be compromised.

As a result, teachers are taught to use proper cloud storage to make data safe and secure for everyone.

Teachers could sort all the results, assignments, and data in a place and implement security measures to protect data online.

Using educational technology like Excel sheets, cloud storage is liable to store all the necessary information and maintain security.

Wrapping Up 

Educational technology has used various approaches to learning and training teachers to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Now, more than ever, when technology is at its peak, all sectors, including education, have taken advantage of it.

Upon understanding the top trends, teachers can educate themselves on these ways and learn to implement them in their learning.

EdTech has various benefits and can uplift the learning process for everyone who rightly uses it.

In this article, we discussed technology courses for teachers and how they can implement them to enhance the teaching process for students in their classrooms.

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