Travis Kelce Responds To Halloween Costumes About His Relationship With Taylor Swift

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NFl Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently confirmed his burgeoning relationship with musical sensation Taylor Swift. Amid the romance that has captivated the world and fans from two vastly different industries, thousands got creative with their recent Halloween costumes representing the NFL player and the singer.

Kelce reviewed some of the most viral creations on his weekly podcast “New Heights”, which he hosts alongside his brother, NFL Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce. Among them are specific “Eras Tour” outfits paired with Kelce’s iconic 87 jersey, pet costumes, and punny creations. A recent trend amid the start of the high profile couple’s relationship had women asking their male partners if Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map, and one couple physically reenacted the viral question.


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A TikTok creator and musician named Jax captioned a video “did a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce costume with my man,” and she dressed as a map while he dressed as Swift. He then took a photo of Kelce’s face and stuck it to Jax’s map. The punny creative take on one of the year’s most popular couples’ costumes immediately had the Kelce brothers cackling at the absurdity.

Big Reputations, They’ve Got Big Reputations

Kelce recently recounted Swift meeting his father, Ed Kelce, at a Chiefs game. The brothers additionally joked on another podcast episode about their father’s conversational skills and interesting choices of storytelling. Kelce joked “I felt terrible for her,” as he explained his father’s rambling way of explaining himself. Travis Kelce went on to clarify that despite their jokes about him, both brothers feel that Ed Kelce is “the best dad in the world.”

After seeing the broadcast footage, Kelce observed that it appeared his father had a positive conversation with Swift, and even confirmed that he started listening to more of her music amid her new relationship with his son. Jason Kelce joked that the NFL brothers’ father probably went to the local library to gather Swift’s CD’s to burn onto his laptop, a technology not used since the early aughts.

This interaction came after Swift was spotted bonding with the brothers’ mother, Donna Kelce, at a number of games this football season. The familial interactions come after the couple also made surprise appearances on Saturday Night Live last month. Swift appeared to announce her friend and collaborator Ice Spice‘s performance, and Kelce made a guest appearance in host and comedian Pete Davidson‘s skit about the Swift-Kelce phenomenon. The pair were then seen attending the SNL after party together, and spending time in the city.


The pair first united when a few months ago, his home stadium of Arrowhead was converted to a concert venue in the city for Swift’s tour, and the singer left a lasting impression on the NFL tight end. The Kelce brothers recounted Travis becoming enchanted with Swift, and getting creative with trying to get her attention. The NFL star admitted that he attempted to hand Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

At a recent press conference, Kelce respectfully reiterated to the media organizations present that he intended to “keep his personal relationship personal.”

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