Travis Scott Shares the Love, His Money by Giving $100,000 Away to Fans

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Travis Scott shared a picture on Twitter of his Cash App, which showed $100,000 as the balance. He stated that he knows life is hard for kids, and that he will be giving away money to fans who responded to the tweet with lyrics from his new album, Astroworld, along with their Cash Tag user.

Fans of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ rapper filled Scott’s mentions with tonnes of lyrics, and for those lucky enough to be picked out by Scott,  they showed how extremely grateful they were to have received the money from their idol…


And of course, there were going to be people who aren’t really fans of Scott, but are definitely fans of money, and are being very sneaky in their tracks so that they can get a piece of this free dollar…

Although this seems like an extremely wholesome gesture, that really shows how caring and giving Scott is, some people have speculated that the rapper may be doing this to promote his album, or possibly to promote the Cash App.


However, some people really don’t care whether this is marketing ploy or not and think that this idea is genius.

As of now, Travis Scott still has $75,000 to give away, and is still asking for replies from fans so that he can give back to those who have made him the successful musician he is today.

We have to give props to Travis – whether this is a marketing strategy or not, the idea of spending money by giving it back to the fans is admirable, as many celebrities would choose expensive campaigns or spending it on themselves, over giving away their hard-earned money to those to made them who they are today. Also, Travis, if you’re reading, we wouldn’t mind a couple dollars if you’ve still got some going…

Do you think Travis Scott is doing this to be a good guy? Do you reckon this is a marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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