Trends in Celebrity Fashion for Fall 2024

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MILAN, ITALY - JUNE 16: Jacob Elordi is seen arriving at the Valentino Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week menswear spring/summer 2024 on June 16, 2023 in Milan, Italy.
(Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

Celebrities are considered trendsetters and influencers in every aspect nowadays. Worldwide fans of celebrities belonging to showbiz, the fashion industry, and sports try to follow their style in every possible way. As the internet has become accessible to most people living in various parts of the world and social media has become a significant part of our lifestyle, celebrities’ fashion sense and attire are visible to everyone.

People who want to look like their favorite celebrities and mimic their style entirely do everything possible to ensure a similar appearance. The most essential thing for such people is to stay aware of the latest fashion trends. The aforementioned statement is especially true for ladies worldwide who keep an eye out for the latest fashion trends, especially ones promoted by their favorite female celebrities. However, the phenomenon of following celebrity fashion is not limited to females anymore.

You will also see gents, especially millennials and ones belonging to Gen Z, trying to follow celebrity fashion trends to their best. Since the ongoing season is Fall/Winter 2023-2024, this article discusses a few prominent celebrity fashion trends that emerged lately for Fall/Winter 2023-2024. It will also discuss effective ways to help celebrity fashion followers stay aware of the latest trends and update their wardrobes accordingly. Read on to learn more.

Fall 2024 Female Celebrity Fashion Trends

The fashion industry saw many trends emerging during the Fashion weeks happening worldwide during Fall/Winter 2023-2024. While most of them are worth discussing, some grabbed the spotlight. Many high-end fashion designers also replicated those trends in their own way to make it easier for fans to follow the style and attire of their favorite female celebrities. Here is a look at some of the standout celebrity fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2023-2024.

A mixture of classy wearables and modern apparel (quintessential style) emerged.

Female celebrities walked in red dresses at catwalks during various fashion events.

Haute couture was honored by embedding large bow ties on various celebrity outfits.


Tartan, which showcases typical British culture, made a comeback, and celebrities wore it.

Celebrities also wore feathery clothing reflecting a rock and roll aura.

Ready-to-wear outfits made up of leather were also seen as a prominent celebrity fashion trend.

Male Celebrity Fashion Trends for Fall 2024

Some people think that females just follow celebrity fashion trends. This assumption is because the female fashion industry is larger than those targeting gents. However, it doesn’t mean that men belonging to Gen Y and Z are not interested in following celebrity fashion trends. They also try to follow the same style as their favorites. Here are some standout fashion trends that were promoted by male celebrities.

Jacob Elordi was seen wearing men’s handbags, and many worldwide fans appreciated it.

Johnny Depp’s signature in the 1990s, Machine Gun Kelly, promoted the grunge aesthetic again.


XXL collar has also made a comeback, which John Travolta wore a few years back.

One of the boldest celebrity fashion trends for Fall is one-shoulder tops.

Skirts worn over trousers are also making headlines.

Fashion houses and celebrities collaborated to promote modernized Jumpsuit attire.

How to Become Timely Aware of Celebrity Fashion Trends?

Now that we have gone through the latest celebrity fashion trends for Fall, it is time to understand how we can stay aware of them and update our wardrobe accordingly. It is worth mentioning that you must keep your personal style in mind and follow trends that suit your preferences in the best way possible. Multiple effective ways can help you become aware of celebrity fashion trends. We have briefly discussed a few of them here.

Consult the Web

Fashion magazines are the most helpful way to keep an eye out for the latest celebrity fashion trends. Various online fashion magazines offer subscriptions. You can subscribe to those magazines to check articles and features written on celebrity styles. Online fashion blogs can also help you stay aware of everything you need to know. Additionally, websites of popular fashion houses also discuss the apparel styles followed by various celebrities.

Use the Reverse Image Search Method

The reverse image search method can be highly effective for you to follow celebrity fashion trends, especially ones you like the most, if you want to figure out the style preference of your favorite celebrities during a particular season. All you need to do is perform a reverse image search on an efficient picture search utility, and it will display all the results that can help you become aware of the latest fashion trends followed by your favorite celebrity.

Follow the Social Media Handles of Your Favorite Celebrities 

Another great thing you can do to stay aware of fashion trends followed by your favorite celebrities is to follow their various social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Seeing posts from these platforms will help you keep an eye out for apparel frequently worn by your idols and the style they prefer during a particular season.

In the End

Following celebrity fashion trends, whether relevant to the Fall or Spring season of every year, is not a problem anymore. You have the internet and social media to help you stay aware. We have discussed some of the latest celebrity fashion trends emerging during this year’s Fall season. Moreover, we have also discussed a few effective ways for you to stay aware of the latest celebrity fashion trends. Hopefully, this article will offer you plenty of takeaways!

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