Trisha Paytas Claims Of An A-List Celebrity Attempting To Shoot Her Resurfaces In New Interview

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Trisha Paytas just opened up about her past in a new interview and also once again addressed the claim that a famous “A-list actor” formerly tried to shoot her.

In the conversation with Paper Magazine, Trisha addressed her problematic past and also detailed an encounter where a star was shooting a gun in her direction.

Trisha admitted that it wasn’t the scariest moment of her life though.

Trisha Paytas enters the Big Brother House for the Celebrity Big Brother launch at Elstree Studios on August 1, 2017.
BOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND – AUGUST 01: Trisha Paytas enters the Big Brother House for the Celebrity Big Brother launch at Elstree Studios on August 1, 2017 in Borehamwood, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

“When I tell people the name, they’re like, ‘What the —-?’” says Paytas.

The internet personality claimed she would not reveal the name of the star. The initial conversation about the shooting stemmed from years ago but has been brought infrequently.

“It was weird because I was so young and I was a little out of my mind. I was definitely on drugs. This was in my escorting days. So to me, it felt like, is this not normal? He was playing around, shooting the gun around my head. I guess in hindsight, that might be the scariest moment because I’ve never been shot at before,” she said.

Trisha continued, adding, “And the only reason I knew it was real is because he apologized. I went back to go get my sunglasses and there were bullet holes. Literally a week later and he had apologized. He was like, ‘Are you okay? I didn’t mean to shoot you,’ or something. Can you imagine? I was like, ‘What happened?’ Imagine I was shot and didn’t know. That story was wild because I try to think of the events leading up to it and all I remember is it being so vivid. Nothing was melting or anything, but it was just so odd. Especially being with that person. I think because I was on something crazy, it wasn’t that scary.”


The star also noted that the scarier moment was when she was on a “drug binge” in 2019.

“I actually thought we were gonna die. He was convulsing and I was, too. I just remember the dog talking to me and I thought, Oh, we’re dying. He kept injecting me. It was crazy. Yeah, he passed away in 2021 and that made me so sad. We were binging for a month. My family didn’t know, no one knew anything. Then my first video back was in January 2020, and my lips were blue. It looked like I was dead. That was the scariest because I really thought that we were dying. I was shaking and withering, so I thought it was a slow death,” she recalled.

Trisha Paytas pictured via Paper Magazine.
Trisha Paytas pictured via Paper Magazine.

In regards to her past, Trisha also stressed the importance of forgiveness when it comes to her past and others around you.

She explained, “I was embarrassed. I was really hard on myself and I didn’t wanna forgive myself. It’s still hard for me. That’s why I’m self-deprecating sometimes. I know I was problematic, but I know I can get past that because I did forgive myself. But forgiveness is hard. If you don’t have forgiveness, then life is miserable. Even people who did you so wrong.”

“Forgiveness is the only way to get through life. Forgiving yourself, forgiving others,” she said. “They always say that, even forgiving people who did you wrong, it’s more for you. Otherwise you hang on to it. Same with me.”

Trisha Paytas pictured via Paper Magazine.
Trisha Paytas pictured via Paper Magazine.

Aside from the scary moments, Trisha noted that she has been quite lonely for most of her life until she met Moses. The star noted that she was depressed for quite a long time, and YouTube videos were her escape to not only make money but give a ‘temporary happiness.’


“I didn’t have anyone. I didn’t date anyone until I was 30. I had one relationship, but that was a fake one. Fake in the sense that it didn’t feel real. Moses was the first person I ever lived with and I was 32 when I met him,” Paytas admits.

Creating YouTube videos online, Paytas recalls how she was seeking attention when she was creating content too.

“I was addicted to the attention, for sure. I’m glad you could see it because I always feel bad when people can’t see that or they think I’m a bad person. I hear it a lot, like, “She’s problematic. She’s a terrible person.” I get why people say it, but I like when people can see it for what it was, which was a desperate cry.

She went on to add, “So when I see people online hating, I always know it comes from a place of they’re also miserable, because that was also me. There’s always some attention-seeking there that they’re not getting in their life. And it makes me sad for them because I know how that feels.”

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