Trisha Paytas Quits Podcast Show “Frenemies”, Sparks Debate

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Trisha Paytas, Ethan Klein, and H3 Podcasts.

The popular roller-coaster podcast known as Frenemies, co-hosted by Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, has suddenly shut down due to a heated episodic argument between the podcasters.

On June 8th, Trisha posted “stepping down from frenemies” on YouTube. In it, the controversial YouTube star (who prefers they/them pronouns) says they’re stepping down from the podcast show ‘Frenemies’ over an explosive argument just before the latest podcast episode (#39) was set to release. 

Trisha claims that Ethan Klein and the podcast production crew were unhappy with Trisha’s behavior during Frenemies Episode #39. During the episode, Trisha and Ethan argued about how Ethan spends the revenue and how much say Trisha has in hiring production crew members.

As of June 15, 2021, Trisha’s sudden announcement video has accumulated 2.3 million views and broken the hearts of many Frenemies fans. 

Source: “Talking About Gabbie Hanna – Frenemies # 39”. Ethan offering pizza to an off-camera crew member.

Frenemies Episode #39: How It All Went Down

In Frenemies Episode #39, Trisha was passionately discussing violence against transgender people when Ethan interrupted them by offering a slice of pizza to an off-camera crew member; Trisha took offense to this.

“You are so not good about this,” said Trisha when Ethan offered pizza to a crew member. “I don’t like this segment–just for the record, fan advice is a stupid segment.”

Trisha switched the topic and started railing on their fan advice segment. “It’s stupid,” they said and compared the segment to question-and-answer segments, claiming both segments only get used when directors run out of ideas.


Ethan responded defensively: “Okay, well, what. You wanna talk more about ‘brokeback mountain’, a movie from fucking, like, 10 years ago?” 


Their comments sparked a 10-minute back-and-forth debate over why certain discussion topics should be brought up and whether or not it’s lazy to recycle previous content. At one point, Ethan asked, “Why are you attacking me?” and Trisha responded with, “You asked me. You said, ‘tell me’ and I’m telling you. Like, just because you guys come up with everything doesn’t mean it’s good; it’s recycled, a lot of it.”

The debate came to a boiling point when Ethan pointed out Trisha was upset; Trisha denied this and claimed he was gaslighting them. Afterwards, the two transitioned to talking about production costs. Trisha demanded to know what Ethan did with his extra 5% cut and 100% highlights; Ethan said he was paying production crew members with the money. The two continued arguing about how the money was spent, whether Trisha should have say in hiring production members, and how previous production mishaps (like relocating their studio) went down.

Ultimately, the debate ended on a sour note: Trisha accused Ethan of gaslighting again and demanded to end the episode.


Trisha Paytas’s Response

As of June 15, 2021, Trisha has uploaded 6 “Frenemies” updates in addition to “stepping down from frenemies”. Three are part of a series called “Ethan’s lies”, while the other three address various parts of the drama.

They have also made additional statements on Twitter.


Ethan Klein’s Response

Ethan also released a response, which has been clipped by fans.

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