Trisha Paytas Trends on Twitter after Announcing Their Pregnancy

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Earlier today, social media personality Trisha Paytas announced their pregnancy, causing them to trend on Twitter and Youtube. Paytas, who recently married podcaster Hila Klein’s brother, is used to being in the headlines and having the spotlight drawn to them and watching everything they do. However, normally it is for a problematic scandal, and this time it is for something much more positive. Though some’s comments were harsh, Paytas is no stranger to this and commented that they felt overwhelming love and support after making the announcement.

On Twitter before their announcement, they told fans they would be making the most exciting announcement that they have ever made. Paytas had been incredibly open about their infertility and often discussed their love for children and how they hoped to have a child with their now-husband, Moses. They also opened up about her journey on TikTok, disclosing she and Moses had used medical intervention for the first time to help conceive, which is an incredibly personal and vulnerable topic for Paytas to discuss. Though some thought their pregnancy was fast, as they were only married a few months prior to this announcement, their TikTok disclosed they were trying to have a baby for over a year.



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Today, Paytas’ announcement was trending on Youtube as number 10, and their name had been trending consistently throughout the day on Twitter. Some worried about Paytas’ stability, as they have been open about her mental health and a recent diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, and worried that the hormones and stress of pregnancy and upcoming parenthood could worsen their health. However, many were incredibly happy for Paytas and believed she would overcome this, and long-term fans mentioned how she had often talked about wanting a baby, even at the beginning of their career, and the decision was most likely not made hesitantly.


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Though some responses were negative, it was most likely expected from Paytas and hopefully did not phase them, especially since many people were thrilled and congratulating them. In the videos they posted, they looked extremely overjoyed, bouncing up and down and unable to stop smiling.


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