Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Will File Motions Against Recent Subpoenas

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In recent news, the eldest children of Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, have both filed motions against subpoenas, denying any illegal activity and believing the motives behind the investigation are political. When the announcement made light to Twitter this morning, it immediately went viral and both sides of the political spectrum began to respond.

The civil investigation is looking into the family’s real estate business. However, both siblings intend to file against the subpoenas insistent they have done nothing wrong and should not be investigated. According to ABC, “The ongoing criminal investigation has so far resulted in indictments against the Trump Organization and its longtime chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg on tax charges. Prosecutors said the company had been paying Weisselberg’s rent, living expenses, private school tuition and car lease without proper reporting on tax returns. Both pleaded not guilty.”


Twitter responds

After the article was released earlier this morning from ABC, many began to immediately respond from both political sides. Some thought that it was a good idea that the Trumps filed against the subpoenas, believing that they did not do anything wrong.

However, those leaning left believed that if the Trumps did not comply with the subpoena from New York, they should be charged or arrested.


The dividing issue caused the two to trend on Twitter as many discussed the situation. Some on Twitter were calling for the two to be in prison, especially if the investigation proves wrongdoings were committed. Overall, many on Twitter seem to be waiting for the next bout of news regarding Trump’s eldest children and what is to be seen next. Many are in agreement that if something illegal or sketchy was done regarding real estate or taxes, some kind of punishment should be given,

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