#TrumpIsDone Trends as Organization Found Guilty of Tax Fraud

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Though he’s barely used his Twitter account since Elon Musk reactivated it, former President Donald Trump still trends on the platform often. On Tuesday, #TrumpIsDone began trending just after the Trump Organization was found guilty on 17 counts of tax fraud and other crimes. #GUILTYONALLCOUNTS also trended, along with #TrumpCrimeFamily.

The New York lawsuit hinged on whether the Trump Organization and its subsidiaries had committed a tax fraud scheme to write off personal vehicles, apartment rentals, school tuition costs, and more over 15 years. Allen H. Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer, pled guilty to tax fraud and grand larceny in a separate case. He testified for the prosecution in this case.

Some media commentators believe that the conviction could hinder Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, which he launched last month. Trump himself was not on trial as an individual and was not convicted. While Democrats will likely bring up the convictions throughout the next two years, it is unlikely that this will deter Trump from running.

Trump has not yet posted a statement on Truth Social, the social media platform he created after his Twitter ban.


The New York Times reports that the maximum penalty that the Trump Organization can receive is $1.62 million. The annual revenue of both Trump and the organization greatly exceeds this fine. The Trump Organization is a real estate company that owns apartment buildings, hotels, and golf courses.

Nevertheless, Twitter users appeared overjoyed at the verdict. Multiple phrases and hashtags relating to the Trump family and organization began trending throughout the evening.

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