Twitter Filed a Lawsuit Against Elon Musk

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Alexi Rosenfeld/GC Images

On Tuesday, Twitter officially filed a lawsuit against Tesla’s Elon Musk after he dropped out of their deal for Musk to purchase the company. Twitter’s decision to sue does not surprise many people and neither did Musk’s dropping out, as he previously hinted that the deal would not continue if Twitter could not provide the real number behind spam accounts on the app. Now, the court will decide if Musk still has to go through with the deal or if he is not violating the conditions set when he set the deal with Twitter.

In the lawsuit, Twitter states “Musk refuses to honor his obligations to Twitter and its stockholders because the deal he signed no longer serves his personal interests.” The decision for the case will be on if Twitter truly withheld the information needed for Musk to go through with the deal. Musk stated repeatedly he does not believe the number given to Musk about how many spam bots exist on the app.

According to a letter to Musk’s lawyers, Twitter’s lawyers noted Musk “knowingly, intentionally, willfully and materially breached” the agreement when he moved to walk away from the deal altogether. Since April when Musk first acquired Twitter, causing hashtags to arise like “#TwitterTakeover” many have watched the agreement, curious to know if Musk would actually go through with buying the app.

After the news broke, Musk tweeted about the irony, most likely referring to the lawsuit. One person responded, saying Musk could either “ay Twitter more to walk away or Pay Twitter less to own it.” But, if Musk’s lawyers can prove Twitter did not provide the accurate number of spam users, then Musk will not have to go through with the deal. Many are noting this will probably be a drawn-out case.


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