Twitter is Convinced A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are Either Engaged or Married

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Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Ever since Rihanna and A$AP Rocky got together, they continue to be the internet’s favorite couple and continue to trend online. But, now fans are debating if the couple is engaged or even married after seeing A$AP Rocky’s newest music video for his new single “D.M.B.” In the video, there was a staged wedding scene, with A$AP also proposing to Rihanna with his grills writing out “Marry me?” and Rihanna’s grills saying “I do.” Now, fans are obsessed and can’t figure out if the two are married or just engaged.

According to TMZ, a close source confirmed that the two are neither married nor engaged. Instead, the video was just done for fun. Still, fans are not so sure. This is not the first time the pair have created speculation about their engagement, as she was spotted wearing a diamond ring that some assumed was an engagement ring. But, when she was asked, she joked “This old ring?”

Although sources confirm that the two are very much in love, Rihanna standing by A$AP Rocky after being arrested for his connection to a shooting that occurred in 2021. Still, with Rihanna due to give birth fairly soon, many are wondering if a wedding could be coming soon. Some wondered if the video was a hint about their engagement and upcoming wedding, or a hint that it has already happened, and this video was showcasing the wedding that people missed.


A few weeks ago, the couple was trending after rumors came out that A$AP was caught cheating on Rihanna. When this came out, many feared that their relationship was over, which was saddening to some. But, with the rumors being disproven as a lie, many were excited to know the couple was alive and well. And although it is not clear if the couple is engaged or married, many are excited for the couple either way.

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