Twitter is Not Happy that Jojo Siwa Was Not Invited to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

Jojo Siwa opens up about why she wasn't at this year's Kid's Choice Awards
By Savannah Moss
Image: Getty Images Entertainment / Stefanie Keenan / Contributor - Getty Images

Last night, Nickelodeon hosted their notorious annual Kid’s Choice Awards, which is an award ceremony where children can vote for their favorites out of the category. Many were shocked, however, when a familiar face was missing: Jojo Siwa. Siwa was a face of Nickelodeon for several years, but recently, Siwa has branched out and worked on other projects, even came out as a member of the LGBT community, and most recently, cut off her signature long hair. So, some wondered if Siwa did not attend the awards simply because she did not want to. Unfortunately, Siwa came out and said that this was not the case.


I don’t want you thinking I didn’t want to be there, I would’ve loved to be there but I wasn’t invited:(

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On TikTok, she cleared the air and said that she was not invited: “The answer is very simple: I was not invited.” Siwa, who looks very disappointed in the video, does not comment on why she was not invited, but many online believed they knew why. Some suspected that now that Siwa was vocal about her sexuality, and now sporting a shorter haircut, she does not fit in as “brand-friendly.” Many wondered if this was an act of homophobia, and they simply did not want to include her due to this.

She became to trend online, as many were unhappy that Siwa was used as a brand for so long and used her to profit off, but now they were casting her off. Many thought that it was too close that Siwa was not invited after cutting off her hair, although this is only speculation. On Twitter, one person wrote, “Nickelodeon used Jojo Siwa as their entire brand for years and declined to even invite her to the kid’s choice awards this year?” On TikTok, many noticed Siwa’s demure, known for her high energy online, with one person saying that “you can tell she really wanted to be there.” In the caption, she reminds her audience that she would have “loved” to be there.

Twitter was not alone in these beliefs, as Siwa began to retweet people calling out Nickelodean for homophobia, indicating that she believes this was due to her no longer being what the kid’s channel deemed as “brand-friendly.” Nickelodeon has not issued a statement as of now, which did not surprise anyone, but it is safe to say people were not pleased.