Twitter is Not Happy with Trevor Noah’s Recent Comment about Oscar-Nominated Films

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Image:Frazer Harrison / Staff | Getty Images

So, yes, another celebrity is giving their take on the recent Oscars. But, unlike what you might expect, it is not another opinion on the Will Smith slap. But, it seems to be turning out to be just as controversial. Trevor Noah, comedian and host of “The Daily Show” began discussing the Oscars and the type of films that seem to be nominated. He says that “some Oscar-nominated films are the vegetables of movies.” In case you are curious about Noah’s point, he discusses that he has noticed a “disconnect” in which he sees that the films many seem to be watching do not align with the films often nominated. In short, he notes that the films that are nominated are “powerful for the soul” but are not often action-filled, like Transformers or The Matrix.

In short, Noah says that it is not that the films being nominated are not good movies, but there is a disconnect between “what we want to watch and what we should watch.” Overall, although Noah is clearly joking, Twitter was not a fan of this hot take, causing him to trend online. Many had a problem with the fact that he might be insinuating that nobody has watched Oscar-nominated films when this is not true. One Twitter user wrote, “Adults learn to love vegetables because their tastes get more sophisticated with age.” Many thought that Noah’s take seemed to discourage curiosity, as the films nominated in recent years have seemed to provide different and unique perspectives. Some complain that the Oscars only nominated “artsy” movies, which some find to be inherently boring or bad films, while others pointed out that this is simply untrue, as films like Dune and West Side Story were also nominated.

Although some were upset with Noah’s comments, many agreed with him and thought that some films nominated in recent years were boring. Others thought that Noah had a fair point he was bringing up, as in the last few years the Oscars have pivoted to nominating more artsy and creative movies. At the end of the day, many thought that they were being too hard on him, as it was a joke and just a bit that he did on his television show.

Overall, films are incredibly subjective and often create mixed opinions, which is why the Oscars interest so many people. Many film watchers develop intense love or hatred for movies, so when people share an opinion on them, especially as a celebrity, the reaction they might conjure is not always one they were necessarily hoping for.


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