Twitter is Shocked That Chris Olsen Might Be Dating His Best Friend Meghan Trainor’s Brother

Chris Olsen made you look.
By Madison E. Goldberg
(Photo by @chrisolsen via Instagram)

TikTok creator Chris Olsen is known for his countless viral videos telling stories about his life, dancing in croc heels, and delivering celebrities coffee. He’s also known for his strong friendship with musician Meghan Trainor and her family. The pair frequently make TikToks alongside Trainor’s son and husband actor Daryl Sabara, which have inspired several dance trends on the platform.

Olsen was previously in a highly publicized relationship with actor, dancer, and TikTok creator Ian Paget. The pair split after about a year of making videos together, a move that divided the internet. They both remain private about the reason for their split, and have continued to speak highly of each other post breakup.

Olsen occasionally posts updates about his dating life, but has left all of his potential suitors’ names anonymous, until now. Yesterday, Olsen shared an Instagram post that included several images from a recent trip to Australia. There were several that included Olsen kissing Ryan Trainor, who is Meghan Trainor’s brother.  Twitter users were shocked at the post, as Olsen had never alluded to the relationship in the past.

As the plot thickens, Ryan Trainor posted a clip from “Workin’ On It,”the podcast he makes with his sister Meghan. Olsen frequently guest stars on the podcast, and today was one of those days. The clip begins with Olsen discussing the progress in creating his coffee company, and launches into Meghan asking her brother if he has a girlfriend. Trainor immediately bypassed the question, which only raised further questions for viewers.


Leave me alone @meghantrainor @workinonitpod @flightfuelcoffee #workinonitpod

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Some wonder if the relationship in question is a PR ruse to promote Olsen’s coffee company or Trainor’s podcast, and others wonder if Trainor is more in favor of what social media refers to as a “soft launch.” Soft launching typically entails more subtle posts that hint at a significant other before officially confirming a relationship. One commenter wrote “stop being cryptic,” and it seems like many agree.

As of now, Olsen is yet to confirm the relationship on his own TikTok page. In keeping with his best friend Meghan Trainor’s hit song “Made You Look,” he certainly did just that.