The talented rapper was fatally shot in Atlanta this Friday morning...

In the wee hours of Friday morning, King Von was involved in a shooting outside of an Atlanta club, where him and two others were fatally shot. It is unclear what exactly happened but according to the Chicago Sun Times, Von was involved when two groups began to argue and guns were pulled, including those of on-duty officers who arrived at the scene shortly. This led to the untimely death of King Von and two other men, while three others are currently being treated for gunshot wounds in the hospital.

Because of multiple guns being pulled, it is unclear who shot who, and if officers are responsible for any deaths.

His Life, Career, and Love

King Von was an up and coming rapper and artist who released his first album, Grandson Vol.1,  in 2019, quickly gaining the attention of many award winning artists like Chance The Rapper and becoming signed by Empire records. He had just released his third album, Welcome to the O’Block, on October 30th of this year.

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The 26 year old, was a father of two and long time on and off again partner to musician, Asian DA Doll who took to Instagram to post throwback videos and photos of them together in Hawaii last December.

She has also posted many tweets expressing the pain she is going through today.

This tweet in particular, hit the heartstrings of Twitter users everywhere. Asian Da Doll wrote, “I’ll never be the same I just hope you visit me in all my dreams I just wanna sleep so I can picture us again I just wanna close my eyes & never open then again…. Von I’m gone.”

Twitter Mourns

Twitter is heartbroken over the untimely passing of King Von. Twitter users have taken to the platform to mourn his death and remember the light he brought to their lives.

Some looked back on the career he was just getting started…

Celebrities Reactions

The label “up-and-coming” might seem unassuming, but King Von was a celebrity favorite and will be missed by many artists and athletes.

LeBron James hopped on to Twitter to express his pain in the wake of the news. The basketball star tweeted, “Damn Rest Easy Von! Bronny, Bryce and I rocked with his music and story telling! The kid had a damn good future ahead of him. My prayers and blessings to his family.#LeVonJames #KingVon.”

The music superstar, Chance The Rapper, also took to Twitter after he heard about King Von’s untimely death saying “Wow. This year was so tough. rip von God bless him and his family I can’t believe it.”

He followed up the tweet with “It always takes something happening close to home to realize how quickly folks on twitter politicize, romanticize or pseudo socially analyze real things that happen to real people. Everything doesn’t have to have a immediate lesson for twitter, sometimes it just happened.”

RIP King Von and Others

It is no doubt that the young rapper was loved and cherished by many in his personal life, as well as fans and celebrities. His death comes after a long year of tragedy that has struck many young hip hop stars like Juice Wrld, Pop Smoke, and Nipsey Hussle. Each instance reminds us how precious our lives are. Twitter is still mourning the others, and now is feeling the pain again after the loss of Von. Twitter cannot help but recognize the many incredible artists we have lost this year.

Our hearts are with King Von’s family and friends as they grieve his death right now.