Twitter Reacts to Recent News that Chelsea Manning and Grimes are Dating

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This week, Grimes surprised the internet after announcing she had a second baby with Elon Musk. Grimes announced this after she invited a reporter to her home to promote and discuss her new album, and though she wanted to keep the baby a secret, admitted she had another baby when the reporter could hear it crying. When this news came out, many were surprised to hear this, and even more surprised to hear that she had a baby with Elon Musk, who many thought were no longer together. Grimes admitted that they had a second baby through surrogacy And though Grimes and Musk were back together at the time the article was written, they have since broken up.

And now, many are even more surprised to see that Grimes and Chelsea Manning are now dating. Not only did some on Twitter feel like the couple was a surprising couple, but many were also still processing Grime’s second child, as it came as a surprise to many. Many joked that they do not often interact with celebrity drama or news, but for some reason, this seems to be an exception, especially since both pieces of news came relatively close together and are so surprising.

Grimes’ news caused her to trend both times, which indicates that many feel invested in what she is up to. However, Grimes is no stranger to trending on Twitter for aspects of her life and things she does that people might not be the biggest fan of. However, it is not confirmed by either party yet but was instead reported by “Page Six” who noted that they are in a “serious” relationship. Still, some wonder how credible the source is and if this is another example of celebrity drama that ends up being proven to be false.

Regardless of the rumors are true or not, it seems that the memes about it are still not going to stop, which is Twitter’s favorite thing to do after an interesting piece of news is released, especially regarding Grimes.


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