Twitter Reacts to Leaked Draft of Supreme Court Ruling of Roe V. Wade

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Last night, a draft that would overturn Roe V. Wade was leaked and later confirmed by the Supreme Court to be authentic. In the draft, it would rule Roe V. Wade unconstitutional, and although the majority could change if justice were to change their minds, many are confident that the decision is final and would end Roe V. Wade. Now, many on Twitter are voicing their opinions as events unfold, as this is one of the most dividing and controversial issues within the country.

The news came in the middle of the Met Gala, which many found eerie as people watched the juxtaposition between the breaking news and Met Gala fashion. The leak is unprecedented, and according to Politico, “The court’s holding will not be final until it is published, likely in the next two months” but many are already wondering what the overturn of Roe V. Wade would mean for the future.

It is no secret that abortion is a controversial issue that divides many Americans, with the left often being pro-choice and the right pro-life. So, it is no surprise that on Twitter, many began to express their concerns if it were to be overturned or their approval of the decision. Conservatives are also concerned with the leak, wondering who was behind it and what their reasoning was.


Democrats quickly voiced their opinions not only in support of Roe V. Wade but also warning what the overturn could mean. According to Joe Biden, “The draft opinion calls into question the fundamental right to privacy — the right to make personal choices about marriage, whether to have children and how to raise them.” Many other rulings were based on the right to privacy, like same-sex marriage and contraception, so some were obviously concerned that these rulings would also be called into question.

Conservatives, while happy with the potential overruling, worried about the leak and who was behind it. Although nobody besides Politico knows who leaked it, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has officially called for an investigation. Still, many are wondering if there can even be a penalty and if a law was broken.

Although nothing is official, many on both sides of the issue have headed to the White House to protest, while many continue to watch the events unfold online.


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