Twitter Reacts to Azealia Banks’ Response to Kanye West

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Image: Frazer Harrison | Getty Images

In a recent Instagram post, rapper Kanye West sought advice for keeping his daughter off the app TikTok, where she has recently been posting. In the post, he says that his daughter is being put on TikTok against his “will.” This then prompted a response from not only Kim Kardashian, but others on the internet as well, including Azealia Banks.

Banks responded to Kanye in an Instagram post, highlighting her argument by using a quote from a Twitter post defending Kanye, believing that Kanye had been attacked for not wanting his daughter on TikTok. In a lengthy response, Banks reiterates that people are making too many excuses for Kanye’s actions and continues to bully his daughter, North.

Banks, who has a problematic past as people have called her out for being transphobic or racist, surprised people when she made a bold statement against Kanye, who is a very famous rapper. Many were also surprised to find themselves agreeing with her, as many reiterated that this is not something that happened often. Many also applauded her ability to get her message across so elegantly and easy to understand, especially in such a limited format like Instagram stories.

Since Kanye’s original post about North’s TikTok, Kim also spoke out, noting that Kanye’s attacks on her were more harmful to North than any TikToks she might create. She goes on to say divorce is hard, and that she wanted to provide her child with a way to express creativity.



Many were supportive of Kim during this and were happy to include Banks in this with her comments. Though many found themselves agreeing with her for the first and most likely the last time, it caused her to trend on Twitter as people discussed the language Banks used to discuss Kanye, as she was not leaving room to interpret her thoughts as she called Kanye an “abusive psychopath.”

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