and it is *chef's kiss*

If you missed last night’s debate, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We have compiled some of the best tweets and reactions to the last presidential debate right here for your convenience.

Kristen Welker

A lot of people went online to praise moderator Kristen Welker’s performance, calling her the “winner” of last night’s debate. Even Donald Trump, who had previously called her “terrible and unfair” took time off the debate to congratulate her: “By the way, so far I respect very much the way you’re handling this,” the President said.  And for once the internet agreed with Mr.Trump. Kristen Walker controlled the debate effectively and kept candidates on time, which is more than we can say for Chris Wallace, who moderated the first presidential debate.

Some commented that Welker was the most memorable part of the debate, others called it a career defining moment.  News anchor Harris Faulkner said that the moderator “gave the American people a real debate”.

Another twitter user commented on the significance of Kristen Welker moderating the debate, by pointing out that she is the second black woman to ever host a general election presidential debate in the US.:

And Chris Wallace, who moderated the first Presidential debate and was heavily criticized for not keeping the candidates in line, apparently told Fox News he was jealous of Welker:


Twitter also had something to say about some of the candidates’ responses. For example, President Trump’s statement that the children in immigration camps were “brought over by coyotes” elicited some of the best best memes since the Fly on Pence’s head. Paul Feig,  Sarah Paulson, and other famous people got in on the joke.  

Also on the subject of the immigration camps and displaced children, Trump’s comment that the children were “very well taken care off” and staying in clean shelters, elicited some great responses online.

One twitter user sarcastically commented :

Ghost Town New York City

Another comment that received a lot of response on Twitter was President Trump’s claim that New York City was “a ghost town.”  Celebrities like  Patton Oswalt, Andy Cohen and Alyssa Milano all tweeted to fact-check the President. 

A lot of New Yorkers also took issue with the President calling New York City “his city.” Billy Eichner and other celebrities responded by asking the President to stay away, and some claimed the city was “much better since Trump went to Florida”. 

On COVID-19 And Basements

And of course, when the two candidates were talking about the pandemic, somehow the topic of basements got brought up. Trump accused Biden of hiding in a basement, and went on about how we can’t do that, and how he’d love to lock himself up in a basement, and of course people had something to say about that:


And someone started a drinking game for whenever Biden said “Malarkey.” 

I Take Full Responsibility/Not My Fault

Others commented on President Trump’s paradoxical statement,  “I take full responsibility. It wasn’t my fault.” 

The Fly

And comedian Ashley Hesseltine mentioned she missed “the fly,” in reference to the iconic fly that made its’s home on Pence’s head at the VP Debate.

Thankfully, the last presidential debate wasn’t nearly as chaotic as the first one (thank you mute button!) and we still got some great lines (and jokes) out of it! What was your favorite moment from the debate last night?