Twitter Reacts to Male Birth Control Now Heading to Human Trials

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Announced in a press release with the American Chemical Society (ACS), a new male contraceptive proved to be 99% effective in mice and will now be headed for human trials. Since there are no male birth control pills currently approved and in the market, this is interesting news and could be a possible breakthrough in family planning science. Additionally, this pill is nonhormonal, while other male contraceptive pills are testosterone-based and can affect those who take it by giving them side effects such as weight gain and depression. Many of these symptoms are common with women who take birth control, as their hormone levels can sometimes run haywire. Now, with Twitter seeing this news, many are excited for this new possibility of male contraception, especially if it is safer and comes with fewer side effects for men to take it.

As many reacted to the news, some women wondered if they would be able to trust if a man was actually on birth control or not, and many said that they would probably continue their usual contraceptive routines. Those with bad experiences on birth control, however, were happy to see that there could be other options. Women often feel pressured to take birth control since they are the only ones that can, causing some women to take it to please their partners, despite the often horrific side effects. Some said that this would mean there would be no excuse for men to take this pill, especially if it offered no side effects.

Some on Twitter also noted that they did not want to hear men complain about birth control, especially since women have been taking it for years and suffering from the different side effects. Others worried that this would mean an increase in STDs, especially if people assumed they were off the hook when it comes to being safe.

Overall, many are interested to see when human trials will start and what it will look like if these pills are accessible and safe, how long that will take, and what cost will be once these pills are on the market. And although it states the pills would be nonhormonal to hopefully prevent side effects, many are curious to see if this will be the case and if any other side effects might emerge from human trials.


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