Twitter Reacts to Pete Davidson’s Newest Tattoo: Kim Kardashian’s Name

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Yesterday, Kim Kardashian sat down with Ellen and opened up about her relationship with SNL comedian Pete Davidson. In this interview, she confirms the rumors that Pete Davidson has tattoos for Kardashian. This was revealed when an alleged text message thread with Kanye West started circulating the internet, where Davidson sends West a photo of him in bed. Though Davidson has several tattoos, you can see that her name is tattooed on his chest.

As bizarre as that might seem, Kardashian’s explanation is almost even stranger. She explains to Ellen that it is “branding.” She also revealed that he has over three tattoos dedicated for her, with one even saying ” My girl is a lawyer.” Though some might find this odd, Davidson has gotten tattoos for the women he dated prior, like Ariana Grande, so knowing this, it may not seem too offputting to Kardashian, who said she finds all of the tattoos cute. She says that “that’s what tattoo people do, right? They get tattoos of what’s going on in their life.” Though Kardashian finds it endearing, many on Twitter had a lot to say about this new piece of information.

One person on Twitter pointed out that they have only been dating for three months, which many agreed was way too soon to have one tattoo, let alone multiple. Others said that this sounded obsessive and impulsive, especially since they thought it was so soon after only being together a few months. And, since Davidson had previously been with other women he tattooed names of and separated later, many thought that this was repeating behaviors that were not healthy or productive.

However, others said that since Davidson has multiple tattoos, it probably is not a big deal to him. Some also thought that it was cute, especially the ones where he seems to be bragging and proud of Kardashian for studying to become a lawyer. One person wrote on Twitter “What’s stopping you from doing this? This is literally so cute!” in regards to the tattoo.


It seems like there is not one clear response about Davidson’s newest additions, especially as Davidson had commented he wanted to remove some tattoos. But, many believe that since tattoos are not a big deal to Davidson, he might as well have a few dedicated to his girlfriend at the time.

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