Twitter Sides with Burger King Employee in Old Resurfaced Video

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In a video surfacing TikTok and Twitter, a Burger King employee is reprimanded by a customer in the drive-thru, recording him and demanding his name and the number of corporate. The employee, who tries to encourage her to leave the drive-thru so he can help other customers, refuses to give her either and is generally over it, telling her he does not care about this job. In the end, he informs her that her car, which was a Chrysler, is old and she should probably work at Burger King to replace the car.

The video, causing “Chrysler” to trend on Twitter with hundreds of Tweets pouring in. On TikTok, the video reposted has over 2 million likes and 45 thousand comments. Apparently, the problem with the lady was that he would not apply her coupon after he had already given her a total, which was only $5.87. He asks the lady to either pay the total or to leave, to which she would not do. Actress Skai Jackson even commented, noting that the employee really did not care about the situation.

Image: @Informedpath | TikTok


Over the past few months, service industry workers have put up with a lot, especially with Karens complaining or even throwing drinks at them. And, it can be assumed that there are probably more Karen events occurring even when a camera is not rolling, so it is probably even more of a problem than we realized. With that being said, it is sometimes refreshing to see an employee refuse to comply with the Karen and even occasionally say something sarcastically back. Many praised this about the worker in the comments.

Others, however, did take the woman’s side. Though we do not know the whole story and only know what happened as the woman pressed record, it seems she wanted a coupon added even after she was done ordering. Adding something to someone’s order, like a coupon or additional drink while at the window is not something unheard of, and so many think the worker should have avoided the issue at hand and added the coupon.


This opinion seemed to be in the minority, though, as many people responded that they will always side with the employee, probably because he was so upfront about his thoughts towards the situation.

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