Canadian Family Starstruck at UFO Sighting: “You Sure They’re Not Chinese Lanterns?”

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UFO Sighting in Canada

5 mystery orbs that looks like red balls hovered in unison over the Canada skies this past week. Shocking a family that knew it was something otherworldly and compared it to similar sightings she’s seen in videos in the U.S. “They were showing the same thing in the states. They’re UFO’s.(per NYpost)” Anne thought it to be Chinese lanterns, but they seemed way too small for that.


Growing up UFO’s may have been considered a myth in past time. You may have been told bedtime stories or read up on certain conspiracy theories that had vague proof of it actually coming into play. In the age of technology at its peak where the richest CEO or the poorest janitor both are capable of having some sort of tech device that can record stream, or just simply get information out to the world in real time. We are starting to not have doubts about UFO’s actually existing all over the world people of all kinds have been reporting or recording UFO sightings. In places like San Francisco, Texas, Florida, and many more.


William Fuentes of Orlando Florida caught two orbs hovering from his door cam leaving mysterious rings. Fuentes says “I’ve watched it a hundred times I’ve taken screenshots and blown it up. Is it drone is it bats or birds but, in the end, I couldn’t explain it?”

According to Fox 35, “the national UFO reporting center says there have been 245 new UFO reporting through March 30th, and 7,000 reporting’s in 2020.”


Earlier this year the CIA released mass amounts of documents confirming UFO’s relieving the myth that it is something else out there. One cannot help but feel that there are other life forms in this vast universe, but you have to wonder. What’s their purpose for earth? And how far along are we truly if we aren’t the pioneers of discovery. You have to feel a bit small right? I certainly do.

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