Ulta Issues Apologizing After Sending Insensitive Email about Kate Spade

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Jeff Greenberg/Education Images/Universal and @brittykitty1989 | TikTok

A few days ago, beauty brand Ulta sent an email with the subject line “Come hang with Kate Spade” as a promo for the luxury brand’s fragrance. But, this proved to be a poor choice of words on behalf of the company, as the founder and the co-owner Kate Spade passed away in 2018 due to suicide by hanging. Now, Ulta sent out an apology email, causing a lot of stir online as people wondered who greenlit the email.


Before Ulta had realized the mistake, many posted the email online, wondering how they were going to handle this. On TikTok, someone reposted the email, writing “Hope that social media manager is updating their LinkedIn.” Since this was before the apology email had been released, someone said that they could “hear Ulta’s PR team is typing up an apology.”


The apology was released shortly as well, saying that “At Ulta, our teams are human, and this was truly an error with no intent to do harm.” Even so, this email was sent at the very beginning of May, which happens to be dedicated to mental health awareness. On Twitter, someone says this was “an ignominious start by demonstrating the carelessness people tend to have around this topic.” Ulta touched on this fact as well, noting that they are “keenly aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month” and “not something we would ever take lightly.”

Some genuinely believed that Ulta probably did not have any intentions to harm or offend anyone, but that this was the point of having PR teams, to ensure that things like this do not happen. And, because it is a brand that Ulta carries, some wonder why there wasn’t anyone who saw this issue before it was sent. Some found it to be incredibly ignorant, at the very least.


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