Bree Essrig Shares Her Sexual Assault Story

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    No snarky commentary from me on this one. All I have to say is Thank You, Bree, for your bravery in sharing this story. And thank you for asking the questions that are all too often not asked in relation to sexual assault.

    I wanted to share on our site your discussion topics from the description of your video in case someone is seeing it here for the first time:


    1. Why does society put the majority of the blame onto the victim and not the attacker?

    2. 60% of assaults go unreported & 97% of rapists will NEVER spend a day in jail! How can we encourage people (MEN ESPECIALLY) to report the sex crimes that happen to them? How can we encourage those people to then share their experiences with others?

    3. What can WE do to get rid of the “roles” that have been allotted to us by society based upon our gender?

    4. How can we actually HELP people?


    The National Sexual Assault Hotline

    Specific definitions of what constitutes rape and sexual assault

    National Sexual Violence Resource Center