Adam Carolla Talks Apps, Podcasting and The Taco Bell Beefer

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  • Adam’s new official Adam Carolla Show App comes out this Friday. It will be accompanied by a complete website redesign over at The host told us that there is a special incentive for fans. “The person who gets the most people signed up…we’re gonna fly ’em out, put ’em up, they’re gonna do the podcast and have a beer with me,” he said.

    Carolla then continued to break down the level of intimacy with your fans that each medium of entertainment offers. When he got to podcasting he said, “It’s like you’re literally inside of your fans…and I mean that sexually.”

    When it came to why Adam stays with podcasting, he told us that the biggest factor is the schedule. “It’s the crazy flexibility of it. If you’re gonna go out of town for three days, you could bank three of them,” he said referring to his podcasts.

    But, the biggest issue that Adam Carolla is invested in is convincing Taco Bell to bring back the Bell Beefer. Seriously…well, seriously for Carolla. He said, “It was like a hamburger, but it had taco meat in it. Out of sight…I miss the Bell Beefer.” Apparently, Adam’s not alone as this Facebook discussion board shows

    We also talked cars and technology in this hilarious influencer segment.

  • What do you think is the best Adam Carolla show so far?