What You Didn’t Know About Kim Jong-Il: The Ultimate Infographic

  • While the North Korean leader was announced dead on December 19, 2011, his enigmatic life and leadership continue to intrigue the world and capture the web.

    According to Lovesocial.org‘s Founder Azita Ardakani who produced the infographic below:

    “We wanted to make something that showed the dynamic and complex makeup of Kim Jong Il. There is a heck of a lot of irony in how he wanted people to view him and the truth. This infographic in part is to make fun of the well known statements, like him being a fashion icon (when he wore the same variation of one jumpsuit) as well as lesser known facts (like kidnapping a film maker). Most importantly it is to not let the conversation die out, and allow for information that is polarized to politics to be readily digestible.”