Stevie Johnson Geeks Out At CES 2012

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  • “It meant a lot, you know,” said Johnson about his TVP win. “I started out the season kind of at the bottom of the roster, and I got lucky a few times in the season. And Vizio, they checked me out in the season. They put me on the list to be up for the TVP, the Top Value Performer, and I end up winning, thanks to the fans and thanks to Vizio and to everyone who supported me in getting this award.”

    Since becoming Vizio’s TVP, Johnson has been paying it forward with generosity. When shopping one day, he bought a Vizio TV for a complete stranger at the checkout lane.

    As for engaging with his fans through social media, the athlete concedes that he’s a Twitterholic. “I like to be out there, let ’em know that we’re not anybody different, you know. We’re the same people.”