Fox News Commenter Explains Controversial Rape Statements

  • Fox New pundit and former war journalist Liz Trotta  doubled down on comments criticizing a new military policy that is permissive of females taking front-line military roles. In her first appearance, when speaking about the rise in violent sexual assault, she said “What Did They Expect? These People Are In Close Contact'”

    Now, in clarification, she responded, “I certainly did not say all military men are rapists,” continuing. “What I believe and tried to express, apparently not well enough, is that the environment of combat by definition sets up a situation where basic instincts rule. The niceties of male, female interaction fade in this arena and any scientist will tell you that testosterone rules.”

    Adding, “Something is drastically wrong here, and both men and women are victims of the irrational claims of angry feminists.”

    Watch the full comments below and Jon Stewerts reaction to the original statements: