VIDEO: Did HOT CHEETOS Really Give Lil Xan A Stomach Ulcer?

Lil Xan was hospitalized and he said it’s because he ate too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Sure, junk food’s not good for you, but can it really give you a gastric ulcer?
By Alex Firer

Rapper Lil Xan said he was hospitalized for eating too many Hot Cheetos. Which has left the rest of us thinking…should I stop eating those immediately?

Lil Xan posted to his Instagram story this photo from the inside of an ambulance. Xan’s spoken extensively about his drug use and struggles with addiction, but according to him, this trip to the hospital had nothing to do with drugs. He told his Instagram followers that the Hot Cheetos had “ripped open” something in his stomach.

In the video’s caption, he wrote: “I’m good,healthier then I’ve ever been…Also be careful,Hot Cheetos are one hell of a drug.”

Okay, so we to have answer the question that’s probably burning a hole in your brain, or your stomach, right now: Can Hot Cheetos give you a gastric ulcer?

First let’s talk about what that means.

A gastric ulcer is a tear in the stomach lining that can cause a burning abdominal pain and vomiting. It’s most frequently caused by a bacteria called H Pylori or in people who take a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil or Aspirin, as those drugs block the function of an enzyme that helps produce a protective mucous in the stomach.

For centuries, people thought things like stress or spicy foods caused ulcers. While stress may play a small role, it seems that spicy foods only can exacerbate the symptoms of a stomach ulcer, not cause them on their own.

Buzzfeed spoke to a gastroenterologist, who told them “Some people are just more sensitive to spicy food and it can exacerbate symptoms that are already present. It’s a sensational story but the poor guy probably just had an ulcer.” But, don’t get too comfortable. It’s not like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are good for you.

I mean, look at this shit. I don’t know Thiamin Mononitrate is, but I know you probably shouldn’t be putting too much of it in your mouth. Parents around the country have been taking their kids to the ER for Hot Cheetos-related illnesses.

And even if they don’t get an ulcer, some kids might get intense stomach pain if they’re eating too much of the snacks. Rene’s doctor still said, however, that though the junk food certainly didn’t help, they were likely one of many factors behind her gallbladder problem.

What do you guys think? Can too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos send you to the hospital? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.