VIDEO: Dog Won’t Enter Home Unless Girl Pretends to Open Door

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Folks. Look at this extremely good boy. Just the prime good boy. Just the best boy on this entire website. Just the best boy who maybe ran into the screen door one too many times. Just an extremely cute very good boy. Nothing to see here but the best boy of them all. You see, the dog in the video above won’t enter through the back yard unless their owner pretends to open the door. Which his owner, a little girl, dutifully does, causing the dog to joyously run in! Adorable! We love it!

It must be nice for the little girl’s sense of self worth too! Hey! Adults might pick on you, no one might listen, but at least you’re better than this dang dog, right? You control the door to dog mechanism! No one else! Skreee! Plus, we got to love that the Christmas Tree is already up in this family’s home! Hey, as they defend in a later Tweet, it’s the best time of the year, why wouldn’t they put the tree up a little early this year. I mean, it makes the entire dog through a screen door thing feel all the cuter. This isn’t just any dog who’s avoiding going through an opening! This is a CHRISTMAS dog avoiding going through an opening! Adorable!

So I bet you like cute dog video and cute kid video. Right, who doesn’t! If so, then you should check out this video of a dog screaming as its getting its butt grabbed. Or, if it’s the cuteness aspect that tugs at your heart so, then I think this article about 31 dogs in Halloween costumes should do the trick. Who doesn’t love cuteness? Dirtbags, that’s who!

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