VIDEO: New York Times Releases Satirical Hotline For Racist White People to Report Innocent Black People

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A new video very much trapped in the awful zeitgeist of today is is going viral, courtesy of the New York Times.

With all the news and viral videos of white people calling the police on black people for just being…people… The New York Times decided to make a satirical video offering a new emergency hotline for when it’s not an emergency, it’s just harassment.

The video, hosted by Reno 911’s Niecy Nash can be watched above, and the number in the video, 1-844-WYT-FEAR is real and you can call it! The clips in the video include BBQ Becky, the lady who called the police on the little girl selling lemonade, and more with the words “not a re-enacment” helpfully placed below it.

The video and hotline serve as a comedic way to address the quote: “phenomenon of white people harassing African Americans going about their day.” The article along side the video lists in detail 39 known instances this year of when someone called the police to complain about black people doing everyday activities.

39! Damn!

Most recently, a story went viral about a woman who called the cops after a nine year old boy accidentally brushed her with his book bag and she mistook it for sexual assault.


And how about this story earlier in October where a white person mistakenly called the cops on a man babysitting because they decided to assume he was kidnapping the kids.

The New York Times post has sent waves across the internet and many have reacted positively to the satire. Selma and Wrinkle in Time directed Ava Duvarney shared the video and praised Niecy nash for her comedy chops. Actor Eliot Glazer also threw in his support, along with many others who got a kick out of the joke.

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