VIDEO: Sexual Assault Survivors Confront Jeff Flake Over Kavanaugh Vote

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This is an absolutely awful day for the country, as the GOP, and forever awful Democrat Joe Minchin, push through Brett Kavanaugh, a man who, above the perjury already committed on the stand, has sexually assaulted three women that we know of. Christine Ford gave an absolutely courageous testimony yesterday concerning her attempted rape at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh and his friends, only to have Brett Kavanaugh scream cry about how his dad kept a calendar and asking female senators if they’ve ever gotten black out drunk. Kavanaugh does not deserve this job. Christine Ford deserves the justice she is asking for which is just not giving a monster a Supreme Court vote.

The vote ended up resting on the shoulders of two Republicans: Maine Senator Susan Collins and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. Jeff Flake hemmed and hawed over wether or not he would vote for Kavanaugh, expressing disgust with how the GOP was treating Dr. Ford until finally, he made the cowardly move of deciding to vote in Brett Kavanaugh.

This does not sit well with anyone, and this did not sit well of course with sexual assault survivors on the premises who confronted the cowardly Jeff Flake in an elevator in a video posted by CNN. Watch as Jeff Flake pathetically tries to avoid eye contact as women tell him the truth: he is appointing a sexual predator to the Supreme Court and through this essentially telling women that their experiences don’t matter, and that their experiences shrinking beneath the aspirations of men who commit these crimes. Check out the video below.

Kavanaugh, as of this writing, has not yet been confirmed, but Jeff Flake is sure to go down in history as a manipulator, and the man who made sure that the Supreme Court had, by his rushed hand, a man on it who comitted three counts of sexual assault so he could end abortion.

A public drumming should be what he gets every day until Kavanaugh is off the bench, wether that’s at the end of Kavanaugh’s life or when Kavanaugh screws up so badly they pull him off the bench. One or the other.

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