The Drone Bong, created by Eric Mercer, finally lets you pilot a bong into your face and delight viewers.


Ever since the legalization of weed, a wonderful good that has undone a great crime America was doing vis a vis its justice system, the edginess of marijuana has taken a steep step down. No more will we get goofy ne’er do wells in our movies escaping the “fuzz” (or police, in pot movie terms) as they try to fight for their right to smoke sweet joints, doobies, and other such ephemera. Gone is the age when one of the most rebellious things you could do was smoke an herb that sort of just makes you feel a little lighter on your feet. Well, don’t worry, folks. If you think the people of the Internet have abandoned their marijuana smoking pot adventures, then you, my friend, have not known the Internet! Everyone check out the incredible invention that is… The Drone Bong!

The Drone Bong, as the video above attests, allows you to smoke from a bong as you pilot it gently to your mouth. Why? Why not, my friend? But if you wanted to know more information, the blog Marijuana Moment has a profile of the boy smoking that very new Millenium doobie, Eric Mercer!

Eric Mercer is described as a 23-year-old who works in Maine’s “cannabis industry”, and has an Instagram feed where there’s nothing but nonstop pout puffing from a flying drone. This follows a serious of weed based adventures, including smoking out of a head of cabbage, out of a potato rig, and dousing the weed in hot sauce. He says his inspiration for the video was “was just a passion for drones, a passion for being creative, and wanting to come up with cool, new things to show people on Instagram”. Well, buddy, you did it. You smoked from a drone and showed us all.

Oh, look. There he goes again!

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