VIDEO: Teacher FIRED For Dragging Autistic Student Down Hallway

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An elementary school teacher was been fired after a video went viral of her dragging an autistic student through the hallway. Trina Abrams was caught on surveillance camera dragging a boy through the halls of Wurtland Elementary school back in October, and now, she’s being fired.

The boy’s mother Angel Nelson finally posted the footage on Facebook, calling for action, and explaining that her son has been diagnosed with autism, PTSD, anxiety and depression, which would explain why he might have some difficulty responding to traditional disciplinary methods.

This act is horrific no matter what the circumstances, but Nelson also points out how violent the act really was. She noticed her son’s shoes were destroyed in the process. Doctors confirmed the boy had been left with a sprained wrist, swelling and bruising.

Nelson said this: ‘Mrs Abrams forcefully grabbed my son by the wrist and bent it backward while he was experiencing a meltdown, which he sometimes experiences as part of his diagnoses,’

Abrams, however, considers herself innocent.

Nelson said, “’She claimed she was preventing him from harming himself but it doesn’t line up with his actions from the video. My son deserves justice. I feel as though Mrs Abrams should be held accountable for her actions,”

The Greenup County School District conducted a formal investigation and has now fired Abrams. The Kentucky State Police have also opened an investigation into the incident as she has been charged with Assault 4th Degree for a victim under 12 years old.


And plenty of people were upset about it.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a teacher has been caught dragging a student down the hallway. An Ohio teacher was fired in 2017 for dragging a student believed to be between the ages of 3 and 5 through the hallway. Neither the teacher nor student have been identified, but the program made it clear the teacher was fired immediately and the action does not reflect the program’s values.

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