VIDEO: Top Controversial Stories of 2018

Elon Musk lit up a doobie on this podcast and it quickly became one of the biggest MEMEs of the year. Dave Itzkoff tweeted “so the dogs of Paw Patrol, they can talk and drive cars and fly planes...but the cats...they’re just, like, cats…” and Jess Dweck said “Elon Musk is such an innovator he created a way to look...
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From gross crimes to things that were just plain weird, here are the top controversial stories of 2018.

Let’s kick it off with #10…

10. Elon Musk SMOKING WEED On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Elon Musk lit up a doobie on this podcast and it quickly became one of the biggest MEMEs of the year. Dave Itzkoff tweeted “so the dogs of Paw Patrol, they can talk and drive cars and fly planes…but the cats…they’re just, like, cats…” and Jess Dweck said “Elon Musk is such an innovator he created a way to look lame smoking a blunt.” Podcast host Rob Rousseau tweeted “ Ok Elon, here’s our big moment. Act like you’ve been here before. Just a regular guy smoking weed with a friend. Here we go”.

Unfortunately, despite Musk partaking in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, people were upset causing the stock to drop 9 percent the following day.

9. Racist Prom Proposal

A photo of a hyper racist promposal leaked. The sign reads, “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton… but I’m white, so I’m picking you.” What the hell. ugh. Erin Williams, who shared the photo on her facebook page said this.

8. The Dog that Suffocated On United Airlines

This adorable dog was boarding a flight with his family when a flight attendant noticed the bag the dog was in was sticking into the isle. After the 3 hour flight, the dog had died.

Ugh. Those stories are terrible. This is traumatizing!

7. YouTube Finally Deletes FAMILYOFIVE Channel A Year After Abuse Allegations

Michael and Heather Martin were kicked off YouTube after being sentenced to probation for child neglect.

Family YouTube channels are all the rage, and if you saw our Top Channels of the year video, you’d see that putting your kids on YouTube can be quite lucrative. But this family is just creepy!

These parents thought making prank videos was a sure ticket to fame, but these kids are literally going to be scarred for life!

After the stories grue more gruesome and more public, YouTube finally took the channel down.

6. Waitress Tackles Customer Who GROPED HER

Okay, this one is more awesome than controversial.

After being groped by a customer, this waitress took this asshole down and it was all caught on tape. Amelia Holden was working at Vinnie Van Gogo’s pizzeria in Savanna Georgia. The man was then arrested and charged with sexual battery and it was later revealed that he was at the restaurant with his girlfriend of over 11 years and their twin daughters.

C’mon, man, seriously??

There’s one thing for sure, this guy totally got what he deserved.

5. Lil Tay and her Family Drama

YouTube sensation Lil Tay mysteriously disappeared from the spotlight earlier this year, and then came back online with a bizarre series of social media posts. Lil Tay…or whoever got a hold of her account…posted a series of videos slamming her stepfather and blasting him after she went into his care.

She even posted this instagram story that simply said “Help Me”. Many believe that Lil Tay’s brother is behind the posts, as it was revealed that he was the one behind her persona the whole time. After a few dicey videos surfaced, Lil Tay was sent to live with her step father.

Maybe to stay out of trouble? Either way, the whole situation is really weird and we hope Lil Tay is okay.

4. BBQ Becky

BBQ Becky spawned tons of great memes this year after calling the police on a black family having a nice afternoon BBQing in the park. What this woman didn’t know…was that she was about to become the photoshopped face of meme racism.

BBQ Becky was hilariously photoshopped into major black culture moments to illustrate how ridiculous it is when white people call the cops on black people for no reason.

BBQ Becky became the representative story for a series of stories this year concerning racist white people calling the police on black people doing nothing.

3. Shaving in Pool

People do a lot of gross stuff in public, but this is one we’ve never seen before. The video of a woman shaving her legs in the pool first appeared on reddit and quickly became a news story, and looking at the comments, it’s actually unsettling how much this gross stuff happens in public. And considering all this grossness…

2. Socks in Pool

Who could blame this guy for wearing socks in the swimming pool? Welp, some white woman saw and called the police. This woman who identified herself as the property manager asked him to remove his socks because they were not proper pool attire. When he refused, she called the police.

That escalated quickly. After the video went viral, the woman was fired from her job as property manager. Hopefully it will inspire white people in the future to uhh– not do this so much.

1. Babysitting While Black

This black man who was babysitting two white kids was followed and accused of kidnapping by yet another racist wanna be vigilante who decided to make the world a little bit worse.

Cory Lewis runs a youth mentorship program in Georgia and regularly babysits for family friends The Mangos. During a very normal trip to Walmart, Cory was approached by a white woman who asked to speak to the kids.

When the police arrived, the kids backed him up. These viral videos are helping spread awareness that well– this garbage is in the air. Hopefully it’ll stop the next clueless and terrified racist from picking up the phone and ruining someone’s day.

And there you have it! The top 10 Most Controversial Stories of the year! Are there any you think we missed? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.