VIDEO: Virgin Flight Attendant Gives His Final Dance

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Look, it’s the little things in this world. The small things that make up memories and that pepper our moments big and small that when they go, despite yourself, you really miss them. When I flew to Los Angeles for the first time, I remember being on a Virgin flight and being amazed by their silly safety video. It felt cheesy and optimistic, and I felt the same, despite my best instincts. Now, as all things must — the video is going to go as Virgin America merges Alaskan Air (what a pity). One flight attendant however — Mikey Tongko-Burry — has been dancing to the video for years, and he decided to give his audience one more dance.

It feels pure and it feels lovely. For a long time, I am sure, Mikey Tongko-Burry defined himself by being able to dance along to the video. Saying good bye to a tradition is the same as saying good bye to your younger self. The flight to the future is as upsetting as any that is into the sky, so remember, fasten your seat belts, check your oxygen mask, and be prepared for change.

Will Alaska Air keep the purple lights at least? No, musn’t think about such things now.

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