Viral Photo of McDonald’s Closed Sparks Debate

Many are debating the true reasons behind the recent hiring crisis.
By Savannah Moss

Posted this week, a viral photo of a Mcdonald’s closed due to an employee quitting has sparked quite the debate on Twitter. The picture shows a sign on the Mcdonald’s saying “We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job.” Many on Twitter commented that this is not the first time they’ve noticed this and has opened up the conversation surrounding low-paying jobs of individuals who are overworked and were expected to work as essential workers during the pandemic.

Twitter user @greatapedad is not the first person to arrive to a restaurant, fast food or not, and been greeted with a sign showcasing the realities behind these jobs. Some commented their awe that only one person was working this job, noting that “Wait, did they seriously have a shift of ONE PERSON at an entire McDonald’s such that one person quitting mid-shift shut it all down? I’m willing to believe that, but my goodness, the sheer amount of neglectful staffing involved…!”

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“Nobody Wants To Work Anymore”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone has posted a photo about a sign begging for patience because the restaurant is understaffed. The phrase “nobody wants to work anymore” has become increasingly popular in trying to understand the reason why so many places are understaffed. Some blame the fact that many are understaffed is due to lazy people who are refusing to work.

However, many debate if the reason behind this hiring crisis lies behind workers being overworked and underpaid and not the fact that they are refusing to work. During the pandemic, many of the workers that are now deemed “unwilling to work” were working in situations that might have risked their health and were deemed essential workers. These are the same workers who understand their worth as employees and are demanding better work conditions as the pandemic revealed how important they are. The original poster of the Mcdonald’s tweet notes that “Workers were already stretched to their limits before the pandemic. Of course people are going to break down under these conditions.”