Viral TikTok Video Exposes Potential Food Waste from Whole Foods

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A TikToker known for her dumpster diving recently got attention after exposing how much food Whole Foods had wasted. In the video, the creator @dumpsterdivingfreegan shows a bag that was full of food that had been thrown away. With now over 43 thousand likes, the TikToker explains in the video that they had been inspired by a video posted by @decepticonmmunist where the video shows how much products that a Whole Foods worker had been instructed to throw away.


#greenscreen there is no food shortage. Corporations are throwing it all away. #TakeTheDayOffChallenge #ihatecaptialism #retailproblems

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After seeing this video, the TikTok user then decided to see if the same thing would be true to their Whole Foods as well. Unfortunately, it was. Many of the TikTok comments agree with the original poster, most outraged with the amount of food that was being thrown away that could be given to someone who needs it and would want it. When the user shows the things she found, she reveals the many expensive loaves of bread, Pita, and many bags of bagels. She also explains that none of the items had been expired, meaning that Whole Foods could have decided to donate it to those who would take it.

On a positive and lighter note, however, 90% of the  items gathered by the dumpster diving trip were then able to be donated, which she gave to her local food bank. Many of the TikToker’s frustrations came from the fact that it was Whole Foods who did this, when they could do “so much better.” She also notes that she found 1,000 dollars worth of items, which “is not right.” This video brought awareness to the enormous waste from not just Whole Foods, but from many companies in general. @Dumpsterdivingfreegan’s account is dedicated to dumpster diving, which many find gross, but her videos have given a lot of awareness to the type of things that are often wasted for seemingly no reason.


In separate follow up videos, the user explains the type of things she found and how much the items thrown away ended up costing. For example, she found over 100 dollars worth of toilet paper and almost 230 dollars worth of oil. These videos point out how it is not only food that is being wasted, but it is also other merchandise as well that does not expire. These videos, though sometimes might be hard to watch, point out the obvious waste issues many companies have.

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