Viral Video Accuses Kim Kardashian of Scamming The Public

Uh oh Kim K might have some explaining to do.
By Maddison Hill
maya4.2.0 on TikTok

Kim Kardashian might have some explaining to do thanks to this viral video with over four million views. This recent viral video questions just how much Kim Kardashian is up charging for her SKIMS items because as you can see in the video this customer was accidentally sent a SKIMS item with the price tag of $4.90 when she spent $46 on the item.


Something here is definitely not adding up (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @maya, @SKIMS) #viralvideo #skims #kimkardashian #trending

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Now obviously Kim K has to charge more than what she paid for the item from the manufacturer, that’s how running a business works and whether you agree with the up charge or not, people in the comments had very little sympathy for this SKIMS customer and they let her know it.

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