Viral Videos Reveals Broken Safety Items at Howard University

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A recent viral video from a student attending Howard University reveals the water coming out of the so-called safety shower appeared to not be working. Howard students, apparently, have been fighting for safer dorm conditions lately. Many students have complained about things in their dorms, from rats, bugs, and even mold in their living areas. Now, this problem with the safety shower goes beyond a comfortable and safe living place and reaches a territory that is much more dangerous.

In the video, a person tries to pull the lever that is supposed to release the water for the shower when students are interacting with dangerous chemicals. When the person pulls, no water is released. The caption of the now-viral Tweet reads “Why are the safety showers in research labs not working and why were students not informed? We have been working with hazardous chemicals without the ability to wash them off our bodies if we have an accident.” This reveals the issue that students were not communicated that the emergency showers were not working, meaning that the university was probably not aware, meaning someone was not doing their job in ensuring the showers were working at full capacity.

Many were immediately disturbed and concerned to see this, as a university that has a 40,000 thousand dollar tuition should definitely be able to afford safe conditions for students. Of course, long-term mold or rat infestations can cause health concerns, but the lack of safety showers when dealing with dangerous chemicals can cause immediate damages. The Twitter account, named Howard Chemists, show that the safety showers are not the only things that are currently not working, which causes even more concern for students.

One Tweet showed that the water for washing out eyes in case of contact was completely filthy, which would not help students in case they needed it. These reoccurring instances of endangering students should cause issues for Howard, but it does not seem like they have been able to get any reassurance or help from the university. Hopefully, as the Tweets garner more attention, Howard will finally have to resolve the issues.


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