Viral Video Shows Design Flaws With Tesla In Cold Weather

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This TikTok is yet another reason why cold weather always looks unappealing.

This TikTok user @ddcustomz posted a video of their frozen Tesla door and called out Tesla founder, Elon Musk for not thinking the design of the car door through because clearly when it’s frozen it is impossible to open.


So a Tesla and cold weather do not mix (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @ddcustomz) #viral #tesla #winterweather #elonmusk

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It’s also worth noting this TikTok user and Tesla owner was not happy to be stuck outside in the cold, which is fair. This TikTok user went on to share that finally after 10 minutes of doing everything they could, the ice finally broke and they were able to get into the door.

Now this video has been viewed more than 70 million times, and this user has also gone on to make more videos showing how Tesla’s are not designed to hold up against ice and freezing conditions.


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