Dog Refuses to Let Owner’s Ankle Go And More Animal Videos I Found Because Life Is Too Damn Stressful

One of them's of a bear!

Look, the world is absolutely on fire right now. I know exactly what you folks need. You don’t need any tragedy, you don’t need any strife. You need one thing: animal videos. Up first: a video of a dog adorably clinging to its owner’s ankle and refusing to let go. What’s that? You want to see the video of this almost irresistibly good boy? Well check it below.

I feel you, dog. I too want joy in this world, but guess what man, that joy is on its way out! Well, we’re not going to let joy go away! Here are some more animal videos from around the internet. Do you want to see a little goat scream real funny as a human tries to kiss its little face? Well of course you do! It’s like kissing a fussy cute baby! We love it so!

You want to see a dog dressed as a cheerleader but hate the cheerleader costume? Well buddy, I have absolutely the video for you. Look at this cute little bulldog hate being a cheerleader! Aww, I don’t blame you little pup!

What else is in the animal video news, what else… oh yes. Here’s a dog flying around on a skateboard? I don’t know folks, it’s a rough world and here I am hoping some kind of dog video round up will help soothe the soul. Well is it? Is it soothing the soul? You tell me.

Damn look at that tiny dog go! Skating away from the troubles of the world and universe and– no stay positive! Augh. I know. What could be more fun. Than a big old hungry bear stealing M&M’s. Absolutely nothing. This video. This video will heal the soul. This I promise.

Well, did these videos cheer you up? I loved all of them. Tell me what you think though. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.