Waffle House Employee Shown as the Only Cook During an Extreme Rush

Proof that Waffle House never closes.
By Savannah Moss
Image" @Rlozada | TikTok

As most are aware, working in a restaurant can be incredibly difficult. Even with a fully functioning staff, with everyone working together, it can still be stressful. However, that stress is then multiplied if a few people do not show up. In this worker’s case, she was the only one working in the entire Waffle House. Posted a few days ago, a video of a woman working alone in the kitchen and trying to produce food for 12 people. However, though the video was meant to praise the employee, it definitely sparked debate.


She’s a truly amazing. #KraftMacMeSkip #wafflehouse

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Many did not understand why someone would continue to place an order at a place so clearly understaffed, putting more pressure on the girl working alone. One person wrote “Damn she by herself and you still decided to order? Idk I would’ve walked out that door the moment I realized it.”

Other people wondered why the girl would bother to stay, as she was probably getting paid next to nothing to work extremely hard.

Image: @Rlozada25 | TikTok


However, many of the comments were empathizing with the girl who had to work all by herself. Not only was she working very hard, she also was kind to everyone as she tried her best. One person wrote that she deserved promotion, and the original poster mentioned she was “kind and showed great patience.”


Reply to @wheelzz2 We appreciated her. #KraftMacMeSkip

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Though some wondered why she wouldn’t have left earlier, with the rest of the people who did, but he clarifies that some people need the money and could not afford to skip a day of work. One person noted that if she did not need the money, she definitely would have left. All in all, many felt very bad for the girl who had to work harder in order to make a livable wage, especially with the added stress of being the only employee.