$50,000 Gold Poo Paste Confiscated at Airport

The #2 greatest criminal plot.

Officials at Hyderabad Airport in India caught a passenger trying to smuggle $50,000 USD worth of a gold ‘paste’, but they were shocked when they saw that the form of gold wasn’t as shiny, as it was kinda… shitty?

When you think about the criminal masterminds that are able to smuggle thousands of dollars’ worth of goods across the world, you wouldn’t think that one day someone would try to smuggle a lump of sloppy poo like paste past airport officials for any financial gain. Well, this was the case at Hyderabad Airport, when a passenger tried to smuggle nearly two kilograms of paste like gold during their travels, which was worth some serious cash. However, when the officials looked at the semi-liquid gold, they noticed how similar it looked to poo, and not the sturdy kind, folks. We’re talking the kind you get after Chipotle. Yeah, not the nicest image to think of.

People all over Twitter are finding the look of this form of gold absolutely hilarious, and for some, it has ruined the way that they will look at gold forever. Never would you think that something that is so wanted by many, would look so gross, but there you have it people, sometimes the nicest things in life aren’t all what they crack up to be. Get it?


Perhaps this could be a new way of how to get rich quick? I mean, who’s going to be able to tell the difference? Clearly not many people on Twitter, and neither could we. But hats off to the people at the airport who were able to tell the difference and stopped a criminal in their tracks. Gold is one of the highest smuggled substances in India, with over 14kg being smuggled within the first week of this year. That is a lot of poop, and a lot of money as well.

Although we might not be able to look at gold the same way ever again, it’s nice to know what the true meaning of ‘liquid gold’ finally looks like.

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