Doctors Discover 28 Year Old Contact Lens in Woman’s Eye


Folks, our human bodies are terrifyingly fragile things that I am amazed have ever passed any sort of inspection to be released into the world. Case in point, when a woman in the UK came to a doctor complaining of a swollen eyelid, the eyelid was examined and it turned out… there was a twenty eight year old contact lens lodged in there! Ahhh! Ahhh! And I repeat: ahhhhh!!!

A 42 year old English woman came in to the doctor’s complaining of a swollen eyelid. Doctors operated, and inside the cyst they discovered a a rigid gas-permeable contact lens, the kind of lens the woman hasn’t worn in almost three decades! Gahhh! How did this happen? How did this horror occur?

Well, the girl’s mother remembered: when the girl was fourteen years old, she was hit in the eye with shuttlecock during a game of badminton, and the contact lens in the eye was never found! But oh, it was in the last place you would look: inside her very head! Terrifying!

So remember next time you displace a lone contact lens, the rim of your glasses, a retainer, or even your very wallet! Chances are incredibly high its simply lost in your leg, in your mouth, or on the bridge of your nose! For your mighty head eats all with its skin, only letting it lose at the scalpel of a surgery man (a doctor), and for no one else!

Also did the girl win or lose the badminton game? I’m feeling a little weird about the whole thing, and want to at least know that the girl was okay, right? Like, feelings wise! I just want to know if she lost her contact lens… but won… the big game!

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