Time Magazine Does Insane Interview With Gritty Following Bid For “Person of the Year”

Boat. Of. Gravy.

The Gritty fandom doesn’t seem to be going away. In a world where every creature and slug is trying to become the new hot internet meme, the Philadelphia Flyers did one better by presenting the massive orange mascot as an incredible character — a feral dirtbag full of spit, rage and madness. I mean, one could point out that this is what you get when you hire some great writers, but hey, this moment is about Gritty! He’s a big dirtbag who is probably a real person! Gritty!

When Time Magazine asked its readers who they think should be the person of the year, Gritty, that crowd pleasing mass of fur and trash, gave the magazine a little gif showing that when it comes to person of the year. Maybe… it him!?

Now, of course, Gritty, being a fake person written by a probably genius, underpaid writer, toiling away in the writing mines, begging old Ebeneezer Philly Flyers to get Christmas off, only to get coal thrown in his face– sorry, this is about Gritty — Gritty can’t become Time’s “Person of the Year”. But Time probably recognizes that seeing Gritty’s big orange mug on the cover of its magazine is better than whatever politician is going to get that front page (unless it’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! That’s my two cents, folks), so Time interviewed Gritty regarding his superstardom, and the quotes from it are glorious.

Here are some choice quotes:

If you ran for mayor of Philly, you’d probably win in a landslide. Any plans?

Gritty runs for and from no one.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Simple. Boat of gravy. With a straw.

White meat or dark meat on your turkey? Do you wish there was orange meat?

Boat. Of. Gravy. With straw.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

I really love the National Dog Show. Heck of a warm up for that boat of gravy.

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