What is the Easiest Game of Poker to Learn?

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Image: Michal Parzuchowski | Unsplash

Both online poker and traditional poker have been quite popular for decades. The pressure is on to learn poker rules much faster than before. Different card game formats, such as Texas Hold ’em and three-card poker, have made it even more popular and led to an increasing number of people playing it.

The game is a traditional favorite for many players to have fun and relax. For those starting out, multiple variations have been developed. Whether you’re entirely new to the game or just trying to refresh your memory, there are many options to practice and learn the rules. 

Before getting to the most uncomplicated games, a piece of advice: what makes the difference between a win and a loss at poker is the ability to read a poker cheat sheet correctly. Such ability does not exist as a given. You need to grasp the game’s basic strategy in the first place.

Here are the top choices to get started as a beginner. They are all easy to learn. 

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Three Card Poker

This variant of poker is probably the easiest and definitely worth a try. It’s different from standard poker in that you play against the dealer. Still, it’s a lot of fun and simple to learn.

To get started, you must place an ante bet. Then, face down, three cards will be dealt to you, the other players, and the dealer. 

The players check their cards and make a bet. If they determine the hand is too weak to wager on, the dealer takes the ante bet and all other wagers made. The cards are turned over if the player chooses to play the hand. 


The best hand wins. It is that simple. Anyone could play as long as they know the winning card combinations and the order they rank in. 

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Predictably, this poker version is the most popular in casinos due to its simplicity. You also don’t need to know any particular strategies. It always helps to be able to read body language if playing with others in person. 

Three card poker led to the adoption of other leading poker versions, like Texas Hold’em, and built the basis of a new wave of online poker games. 


Razz differs from other poker variants significantly: the winner is the person with the worst hand! All players place an ante wager when the game starts. The person with the lowest cards starts the wagering action. In this format, straights and flushes do not count. 

Razz is quite easy to learn and also features a unique dynamic. This is why it ranks second on this list. 

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is also a trendy poker variant. Many mobile apps and online casinos offer it. Up to ten people can play it or as few as two, heads-up. You can select the format based on your preference.


The hand starts when the two people to the left of the button make Blinds, which are forced bets. Each player gets two ‘hole’ cards. The play moves in a clockwise direction. 

The dealer hands out three ‘community cards’ when the first round is over. This phase is called the flop. The players use these and the first two cards to make the best combination possible. Then, the second round starts. 

The game moves into the next phase, with the dealer dealing the fourth and fifth cards. The person with the strongest hand wins. 

Image: Michal Parzuchowski | Unsplash


Fans of the previous type of poker will love Omaha. If you’re a fan of action, this is for you, with everyone getting four hole cards. 

You don’t need to wait for the perfect hand because you have many more playable holdings with Omaha. Its hi-lo variant is even more exciting but a bit harder to learn. There’s plenty of action in this format because you can split the pot into two parts for the lowest and highest hand.

Short Deck

The final choice, Short Deck, is a variant of Texas Hold ’em that’s swiftly rising in popularity. You play with just 36 cards. All the cards between 2 and 5 are removed from the deck. 

A full house is weaker than a flush. This offers a fun twist because of the improved chances of having a strong hand. 

The easiest poker games give an adrenaline rush and are simple to learn. Choose a favorite and enjoy yourself!

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