What Makes Downtown Dubai Famous: Real Estate And Breathtaking Attractions

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Downtown Dubai is the new fashionable district of Dubai, which has managed to make the Emirates famous anew with its unprecedented construction projects. Downtown, as a rule, is the business part of the city with business centers, banks, shopping complexes. The Dubai Downtown, which, by the way, started to be built in 2004, by all these constructions today, is ahead of any megalopolis. Foreign investors strive to buy apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai in 2023 because of their high liquidity and good investment return. Why does real estate in Downtown Dubai attract such a large number of foreigners? What significant constructions are present in the neighborhood as well? 

Location of Downtown Dubai

The central district of the capital of the Arab Emirate of Dubai is located in the north of the city. It has the shape of a rectangle with an area of about 2 square kilometers. Downtown Dubai is bounded by Al Saada Street to the northwest, Financial Centre Road to the northeast, Al Asayel Street to the southeast and Burj Khalifa Boulevard to the southwest. 

Downtown Dubai ranked the most visited neighborhood in Dubai. In terms of buying real estate for relocation and permanent staying, only Dubai Marina with its marine location is ahead of Downtown Dubai. 

Let’s explore what architectural wonders the neighborhood presents to its visitors.

The world’s largest Dubai Mall

The largest mall in the world – Dubai Mall – is located here. Going around it is like crossing an area the size of 50 soccer fields. It is a paradise for shopaholics, because here there are more than 1200 boutiques with clothes from the most famous brands of both budget and luxury. But once here, you are unlikely to limit your closet to a few updates. Hundreds of electronic and computer technology stores, boutiques with cosmetics, shoes, accessories and sporting goods will help to noticeably empty your wallet.

Many people go to the Emirates for inexpensive gold jewelry. So, in the Dubai Mall there is a real Gold Market with more than 220 jewelry boutiques. You can take a break and eat after hours of shopping marathon right in the mall. Along with shopping opportunities, you can enjoy the following entertainment in Dubai Mall:

  • more than 160 cafes and restaurants of various cuisines; 
  • the world’s largest aquarium and underwater zoo;
  • interactive city Kidzania for children;
  • the model of Dubai Creek Tower – the potential next world’s record; 
  • a waterfall with divers for pearls;
  • a skeleton of a real dinosaur Dubai Dino;
  • Reel Cinemas multiplex with 22 halls.

Impressive Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is a place where all the tourists amicably meet in the evening. Whether you live in Downtown Dubai and have already seen the magic or you come for the first time, you have no right to skip the performance. Dubai Fountain Complex comes to life at exactly 17.45 local time, paralyzing all the action in the area. The fountain dances to the classics, Arabic melodies and world-famous hits, forming in the air over 1000 different figures. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the architectural masterpiece from a closer distance, you can buy a ticket. 


Shopping complex Souk Al Bahar

The government of the UAE aims not only at developing modern buildings but at preserving the past as well. Super modern skyscrapers of Downtown Dubai surround Souk Al Bahar, a shopping complex built in the spirit of traditional Oriental architectural motifs. It has more than 100 stores, 22 restaurants and cafes overlooking the Burj Khalifa Tower and the Dubai Fountain.

The central street Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is a place definitely worth a visit. On the boulevard length of 3.5 km tourists are waiting for a new portion of boutiques, trendy restaurants and cafes. By the way, you can see everything interesting about this Dubai neighborhood on a sightseeing bus tour of Downtown. There are 11 stops during the bus tour. 

Real estate in Downtown Dubai

The atmosphere of Downtown Dubai defines the character of its citizens. The neighborhood is perfect for those who are not used to sitting still. Investors should pay attention to this area, which is the business center. Real estate investment here is one of the most promising. Nearby are the largest shopping and business centers, major hotels, restaurants and stores. The income from real estate within the area is 1.5 – 2 times more. 

The real estate in the area is mainly in apartments and penthouses. The upper floors are especially attractive. There are wonderful views of the neighborhood’s main points of interest. Many houses have their own swimming pools and fitness rooms, some apartments are furnished. The real estate agency AX CAPITAL provides every buyer with a suitable housing unit that will meet all needs and desires. Apartments in Downtown Dubai will become a responsible investment with the professional real estate agents.

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